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Gender Lens Investing Resources

Books, Websites, and Key Reports

Leaders in the Field
Principal voices leading the conversations and mapping the field of gender lens investing

Monitoring and Indexing Leaders
These groups look at a variety of data points from representation of women on boards, executive management, and CEOs, whether a company has signed the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, and/or what the leadership is in the value chain of the company.   

Communities Convening to Discuss Gender Lens Investing

Investing and Angel Donor Communities
Groups that offer opportunities for women to gather and invest together while making early stage venture investments in women-led companies.

  • Golden Seeds is a fund that has grown to over 100 million and over 275 investors, giving women a seat at the table to hear pitches, make investments, and/or take a board seat

  • Women’s Angel Investing Network is led by women and financed by women angels and is the first investor network

  • Pipeline Angels offers trainings for first time investors and building communities of women learning together

  • Deborah Jackson and Andrea Turner Moffitt at Plum Alley are convening women to invest in opportunities that have already been vetted

  • Sallie Krawcheck and Charlie Kroll at Ellevest created a tool that women at all levels of their income learn about investing

  • Vicki Saunders and the activators practicing radical generosity at SheEO with $1,000 investments being pooled to fund women entrepreneurs

  • Phenomenelle Angels Fund

  • 37 Angels

Funds Management Firms
These boutique funds do all of the above as well as mobilize shareholder engagement around companies’ policies.

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