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+ Bold New Strategic Agendas

When your organization or foundation begins the process of creating a new strategic plan or updating an existing one, this can be an excellent opportunity for deeper board and community engagement. With intentional reflection and information gathering comes clear direction. We guide and support you in this process by working with you to review your theory of change and approach to the work, refresh (or reset) your vision and values, and establish clear measures of success. One strength of our unique approach at Changemaker Strategies is that we integrate strategy, vision, and values in all areas of your organization from board recruitment and development to all capital (human, financial, social) investments. We also build an integrated strategic planning agenda with you that includes communications, fundraising, and marketing materials to make your work visible to the world.

+ “Founder” and “Next Generation” Transitions

Wise succession planning is about “transferring” knowledge and skills in a way that honors experience and builds trust while making space for new leadership and ideas. Successful transitions are the result of planning, effective communications, and shared agreements. We offer board members, founders, and staff the opportunity to discuss tools, ideas, and inputs toward a healthy succession planning and thoughtful leadership development process. This work of developing support for an effective transition, generational transfer, or organizational transformation requires examining an organization’s work from every angle: impact, infrastructure, board and community involvement, equity and inclusion, and more. We guide you through this challenging and exciting change process using empathy, inquiry, a healthy dose of inspiration, and expert planning tools along the way.

+ Board Chair and Leadership Team Coaching

Tuti B. Scott coaches investors, philanthropists, founders, board chairs and board members, and staff on investments, grantmaking, governance, and organizational structure, sustainability, values-driven leadership, 21st century leadership, and more. Whether you want to focus on skill development around strategy work or political issues, or sharpen your board or team members’ management and/or relationship building skills, Tuti can help. When it is done well, leadership coaching is a purposeful practice offering unlimited opportunities for courageous and honest conversations that propel you and your work forward.

+ Values-Based Cultures

Working with teams large and small on strategy development, gender lens social justice investing, and/or transformational agendas, we know what makes the difference when it comes to building strong teams that can deliver on impact and navigate change. Working with staff and board members, lay and/or professional leadership, we create opportunities for team members to discuss, refine, and showcase organizational values while learning from each other and learning how to coalesce as a team. Healthy organizational cultures, rooted in clear vision and values and a theory of change, take time to nurture and then sustain. We support you in creating practices and systems through which your organization’s values can thrive.

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By Tuti B. Scott
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+ PowerWITH Practices in Philanthropy and Investing

Effective social impact giving and investing strategies involve thoughtful visioning as well as an acknowledgement of problems, gaps, and potential key partners. When it comes to values-based giving and investing, we have the opportunity to see the world through the lenses of gender, race, class, sexuality, ableism, and more. We can use new frames to practice equity and systems change to serve the larger community. Tuti B. Scott will guide you in answering questions around purpose, values, and approach in social impact giving and investing. This conversation is interactive and will inspire you to make bolder and better-informed gifts and investments.

+ Know Your Values, Strengthen Your Giving and Investing Strategy

No matter who we are or where we come from in terms of identity and/or social power, we can feel the challenge of how to align our resources (time, talent, and treasure) with our most cherished values. Often, it is only in community and with awareness of new tools and resources, that we are able to transform our approach to money and resources so that we can make more positive change in the world. Join Tuti B. Scott for an energizing and supportive workshop on how to share your money stories in order to feel more at ease with your resources and amplify your social impact.

+ Making the Case to Fund with a Gender Lens

There is no shortage of research on the benefits of giving to and investing in women and girls and women-led projects, yet most leaders and organizations fail to make a persuasive case for support when talking with funders and potential partners. Join Tuti B. Scott, gender justice advocate and strategic philanthropy and investing consultant, to get a meaningful overview of the landscape of issues facing girls and women including top line research and approaches. Walk away with up to date language, tools, and practices you can use to invite and/or deploy bold investments with a gender lens.

Partial List of Clients

Coalition Building and  Governance

  • Worked with Executive Committee of Equal Pay Today Campaign for a 12 month facilitation and creation of a shared strategic agenda

  • Advised, coached and crafted a strategic plan and governance model for the ReflectUS Coalition

  • Crafted values, vision and created an online public presence for the Jewish Women's Funding Network

  • Conducted succession planning for Women's e-News

  • Reset Third Wave Foundation to a fiscally sponsored fund

 Production and Facilitation

  • Advancing your Philanthropic Agenda, a 1 day workshop for high net worth individuals

  • Force for Change, a 3 day gathering of leaders in the Jewish Women's Funding Network

  • Co-creator of Voices on the Horizon and Emerging Leaders and Bridge Builders, 12 month cohorts of 14-17 leaders working at member funds of the Women’s Funding Network

  • Co-facilitator of Women Mobilizing Millions, a 9 month Executive Director Cohort for 12 member funds of the Women’s Funding Network

  • Creator of The Learning Collective, a 3 day retreat for senior leaders in philanthropy

  • Creator of The Sustainable Leadership Cohort*, a 12 month cohort group of 12 Executive Directors in DC in conjunction with Washington Area Women’s Foundation



You can not bottle what Tuti Scott provides an organization in terms of thought leadership, stewardship of a process, and the potential for large scale outcomes. She and her team are the real deal.
— Barbara Dobkin, Dobkin Family Foundation

In a movement made of sheroes, you are a standout. My heartfelt thanks for all you have done to make us so strong (our budget grew 150% under your guidance)! You helped me as a leader when I needed it most, not only with brilliance but with creativity and unfailing optimism.
— Noreen Farrell, Executive Director, Equal Rights Advocates

Tuti was fantastic: intellectually clear, charming, inspiring, and thought-provoking. Lots of exercises, interactions and stretching (mentally and physically) to keep us engaged.
— Nora Gold, Dafna Board member

Tuti has provided extremely valuable advice and insights into private fundraising. She has built our confidence and helped us develop an action agenda. Tuti is a delight to work with and we are grateful that we have had the opportunity to work with her.
— Jane Sloane, Director, Women’s Empowerment Program, The Asia Foundation

The energy of Tuti is magical!
Tuti’s holistic approach to engage the full and authentic spirit of attendees moves them from being an audience to being participants. She does this through humor, creativity, and compassion. And, in doing so, Tuti reminds us we each can and must, make a difference. And for this we celebrate.
— Laura Dierberg Ayers, President Elect, Board of Directors, Women’s Foundation of Greater Saint Louis