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Gender Lens Giving & Investing: The Full Range of New Opportunities     

Social impact investing really only got started 30 years ago and gender lens investing is even more new as a field unto itself. Join Tuti B. Scott for an interactive talk showing the current state of both fields. Outline new opportunities for making a positive social impact with all of your resources, not only your financial resources. All are encouraged to participate as this workshop is designed specifically for gender equity advocates and social impact investors. 

Beyond Diversity and Inclusion: PowerWITH Practices for Just & Equitable Giving & Investing

If a gender lens is the lens we use to see the world of values-based, social impact investing, think of Race, Class, and Place as three additional frames that help us practice equity and care for our whole community. How might we use the frames of Race, Class, and Place while paying attention to sector trends? A true collaborative effort done with thoughtful visioning must include an analysis of gaps in the sector trends and answer certain key questions. Join Tuti B. Scott for an interactive and educational workshop that will inspire you to make bolder, wiser gifts and investments.

Resource Yourself to Better Resource Others

Most conversations about gender lens giving and investing rightly focus on organizations and enterprises that benefit women and girls. Or they focus on money, capital, and returns. But we miss something critical when we fail to talk as philanthropists and investors about who we are, why we give/invest, and what kind of impacts we truly hope to make. Join Tuti B. Scott, coach to high-achieving women leaders, for a conversation on how to use money and power for good, in alignment with your deepest values. Learn what holds most women back from giving and investing in high-impact, even more effective ways. Participants leave with new knowledge about themselves and new opportunities in the gender lens giving and investing space.

Transform Your Money Story, Strengthen Your Giving and Investing

No matter where we come from, it is a challenge to connect how we use our resources (time, talent, and treasure) with our deepest held values. It is only in community, with awareness of new tools and resources, that we can transform discomfort we might have around money and resources in life, work, and at home. Join Tuti B. Scott for an energizing and supportive workshop on how to rewrite money stories to feel more at ease with your resources and amplify your positive impact.

Making the Case for Women and Girls

There is no shortage of research on the benefits of giving to and investing in women and girls. Yet most individuals organizations fail to make a persuasive case for support when talking with funders and potential partners. Join Tuti B. Scott, gender justice advocate, to get a quick overview of the landscape of issues facing girls and women, including top line research you can easily use and share to make sure women and girls are funded. Walk away with new language, tools, and practices you can use to encourage bold investments in women-led projects and project benefitting women and girls here at home and worldwide.

Social Change Philanthropy

What are the most important developments in social change philanthropy and what work still needs to be done? What does “systems change” look like in philanthropy specifically? Join Tuti B. Scott for a look at where we’ve been and where we’re going, learn about the six shifts of social change for measuring social impact, and pick up new resources along the continuum of sustainable investing for social impact. Explore the shift in research in philanthropy from celebration, connection, and community to courage, control, and confidence.